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Management Trainee Program 2013
What is FrieslandCampina Vietnam (FCV) Management Trainee Program?
FCV Management Trainee is the program to recruit and build outstanding fresh graduates to become future leaders of FrieslandCampina Vietnam. The selected Management Trainees will be placed in a special one-year on-the-job training program and will be promoted to undertake managerial positions if they are qualified after this period.
We are looking for talented fresh graduates with the following qualifications
-      University graduate with a bachelor or master degree (majoring in Engineering/Chemistry/Food/BioTechnology for applications in Operations department)
-      GPA at least 2.8/4.0 or 7.0/10.0
-      Under 28 years of age
-      None or limited working experience
-      Clear career orientation
-      Good vision and leadership potential
-      High mobility to work overseas and up country as requested
-      Able to work independently and as part of a team
-      Good interpersonal skills
-      Very good communication in both written and spoken English
Development framework
First-year training and development
The first year for the Trainee is designed into three phases:
  • Introduction: The Trainee has one month introduction program at the beginning of traineeship to get an overview of company business. Rotation in related departments will take place in the month.
  • On-the-job training: The Trainee will be assigned a job in the department with clear performance objectives and targets.
  • Project assignment: The Trainee will be assigned a particular project to work on. It should be a cross-functional project. At the end of the project, the Trainee will present the results to the Management Team and gets comment for next step development.
Upon completion the first year, the Trainee will be evaluated to be UP (promoted to managerial job grade) or OUT (terminate the contract).
Follow-up management development
Once the Trainee successfully completes the first year program and shows potential to exceed further, the Trainee will be put under the pool of Academic Potential (AP) for further development. The development plan may extend from 2-3 years, from which the AP will be provided further functional and behavioural competency training courses, job rotation and international short-term assignment.
Why become a Management Trainee in FrieslandCampina?
We offer our Management Trainee golden opportunities:
World-class training
The training will be gained mainly via practical working experience, together with a structural functional training program based on FrieslandCampina international training platform. In order to be equipped for project assignment, Management Trainee is entitled to certain training courses that necessary for their project completion.
Mentorship by Management Board
Apart from the coaching from line manager, each Management Trainee will have a Mentor who is a department head in order to support him/ her during the development period. This arrangement does not influence the reporting relationship between the Management Trainee and line manager where the project / assignment is being taken.
International Exposure
Management Trainee of FrieslandCampina has more opportunities to expose internationally by short term assignment at other operating countries.
Challenging assignment
The successful Management Trainee has to pass a rigorous selection process in which they have to be able to demonstrate their leadership and development potential. Also they are constantly pushed out of their “comfort zone” to take up challenging assignments within or outside their home-base department. By the end of their 1 year, a strict performance review will be carried out by the Management Team to evaluate whether the Management Trainee is qualified or not.
During the first year traineeship, the Management Trainee is entitled to attend the company yearly meeting entitled to middle manager level up. The trainee’s yearly performance is reviewed not only by line manager but by the whole Management Board.
Attractive salary and remuneration
When a Management Trainee is recruited, he/she will start at Assistant Manager level. The starting salary is paid competitively based on FrieslandCampina Vietnam salary scale.
The Management Trainee is entitled the yearly performance evaluation & salary review as other normal employee. The career progress of the Management Trainee after promoted to Manager depends on his/her performance.
Availability for this year
In 2013, two departments as followed will recruit Management Trainees:
  • Operations
  • Consumer Marketing
Recruitment process
Candidates are divided based on their choices of applied department:
Successful candidates must go through the following recruitment rounds below:
First Round              Orientation day and Aptitude test
Second Round HR screening interview
Third Round             Assessment Day Camp
Final Round              Department Heads selection interview
How to apply?
Application Pack contains a complete application form (in English), resume (in English) and accumulated university transcript.
Resume: Screening assessment does not only base on academic merits but also your passion and active participation in social activities, we therefore look forward to see your strength on the resume.
Transcript: The most up to date transcript is requested. Verification will be conducted by FrieslandCampina and fraud applicant will be disqualified.
If you are unable to obtain the current semester transcript, the previous semester is accepted with later supplement.
Application Form: More information other than Resume is required. Please find and fill in the attached Application Form at http://goo.gl/DA6jz
Please send Application Pack to trainee.vn@frieslandcampina.com no later than Mar 31st 2013.
For more information, please contact the above email.
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